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Employee News and Events

March Menu

Menu items for March 2018; staff lunch is just $3!!!

HRBP Update - February 2018

Meredith Muzik, Senior HRBP, offers some insight on current news from our HRPBs and recruiters.

Biometric Screening Coming Soon

From March 26 until April 5, IngniteHealth Wellness Management will be onsite to conduct biometric screenings

Network Updates

A note about our ongoing network upgrades from Jack Sienkiewicz, Director of Information Technology

Human Resources Staffing Update

Human Resources has reorganized and expanded their department over the past few months; here's an update on who does what in HR!

Safety Suggestion Feb 2018 - Ergonomics

Ergonomics is the science of fitting workplace condition and job demands to the capabilities of workers.

Feb 2018 LifeWorks Update - Financial Well-being

Financial problems can lead to feelings of worry and stress; LifeWorks offers Springbrook employees tools and support to help…

Feb 2018 MyIgnite Health - Heart Health Challenge

February is American Heart Month, click to see your February MyIgnite Health Challenge and learn more!


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