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Imagine rolling hills, green fields, summer sunshine, pine trees, crisp winter air, walking paths, and homes overlooking a lush green valley. You don’t have to imagine. Springbrook’s 200-acre campus, located among the hills outside of Oneonta, NY is a remarkable setting for all types of learning. 

Therapy Pool

The School at Springbrook Therapy Pool is a student favorite, where they can safely strengthen their minds and bodies, while washing away their troubles with our Aquatics Therapy certified Teaching Assistant and Adaptive Physical Education staff.

The Mirabito Library & Media Center

Overlooking soccer fields, Catlin’s Way Playground, and the river beyond, the Mirabito Library & Media Center is the perfect place to settle in with a good book. Comfy lounge seating and tables placed among the collections, mean you might see staff holding meetings or students enjoying the quiet space. 

Marian & Paul O'Brien Medical Clinical Suite

The O’Brien Medical Clinical Suite is home to the Springbrook School-Based Pediatric Clinic, offered in partnership with Bassett Healthcare Network. The Bassett-Springbrook partnership has flourished in its 15-year history. The collaboration provides exceptional medical care that addresses the many unique and complex factors of developmental disabilities. 

Entry Patio

With its inviting patio (often filled with bright blue and orange umbrella patio tables) and sweeping, asymmetrical entry, it is no surprise that you are about to enter a school unlike any other. Welcome to The School at Springbrook!

Therapy Room

The School at Springbrook offers a multitude of Therapy Services. The Therapy Room offers an open floor plan for our team of therapists to accommodate a wide range of needs using the latest technology and equipment, while the mirrors provide visual feedback on body positioning.

Cafeteria & Main Dining

Designed by dietetic and behavioral professionals, the cafeteria offers stunning views and natural light in both the traditional and quiet dinning areas. The fully equipped industrial kitchen enables our dietary and food services staff to provide school lunch and prepare “meal kits” delivered to each campus home nightly. 


As beautiful as it is functional, the gymnasium offers ample natural light, stadium seating for up to 100 spectators, a regulation-sized basketball court, and can transition to two smaller spaces when needed. It is home to the Springbrook Scorpions Special Olympics Basketball team and The School’s Adaptive Physical Education program.

TLC Classroom

Strengthening mobility and communication skills are at the core of the Transitional Life Skills Classroom [TLC]. While each student has his or her own unique set of skills, they all engage with the world around them through the use of adaptive equipment—from gait trainers and standers to eye-gaze activating switches. 

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