Story Submissions Requested

Story Submissions Requested

During the past year, we have shared dozens of stories with our campaign of "Experience Springbrook." As we draw those ideas to a close and look to our next theme, we need help from across the organization. Our feelings of Joy, Triumph, Trust, and Belonging happen almost every day at Springbrook.  Unfortunately, the Marketing Department isn't always there to document these moments. That is where you come in!

If an individual you help to support has recently taken a fun trip or community activity, had a personal triumph, a transition in services, or given back to their community, we want to know more! Please email with the name of the individual, a brief synopsis of their story, and the best way to follow-up with the individual to obtain permission for a brief interview and a photo.

Thank you, and thanks for making the "Springbrook Experience" a positive part of so many lives that we support!

John Huber
Marketing Associate

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