Safety Suggestion September 2018 - Employee Injury Reports

Safety Suggestion September 2018 - Employee Injury Reports

Timely reporting of ALL employee injuries is of utmost importance—a delay in reporting or non-reporting…may cause delays in your ability to seek medical treatment and have these costs covered under Worker’s Comp.  This can result in aggravating the initial injury, extending your pain or discomfort. 

Late or non-reporting has the potential to have a cumulative effect that can also cause a delay in your ability to return to work.  This can, in turn, extend the window of opportunity for similar injuries to other staff members if the injury was caused by a defective physical object, condition or by an inadequate or missing protocol.

Further examples of the cumulative effect of late or non-reporting of injury also include:

  • Delays in training or other corrective action needed to prevent future harm if the injury resulted from employee misjudgment or error.
  • Delays involvement of the case manager and adjuster which increases claim costs—the graph above illustrates the increased costs (national averages) for untimely claims reporting.

 Reporting Graph Sept2018.png

  • Impacts the experience modification rating factor because of the increased claims cost, ultimately increasing the cost of workers’ compensation insurance. This decreases the number of funds available to invest in payroll, benefits, and programming for the individuals we serve.
  • Potentially violates state laws / incurs fines—all states have statutory requirements.
  • Regarding reporting of employee injuries to the insurance carrier and/or to the Workers’ Compensation Commission; many have fines for delayed reporting.

Your work-related injuries need to be reported every time… even if you don’t plan to seek medical treatment.

Human resources track all injuries regardless of whether medical treatment was sought or not.  In this way, we are able to help identify trends and remedy environmental factors that may help avoid future injuries.


It is also important to keep in mind, that the need for medical treatment of a work injury may not be immediately apparent.  If medical treatment is sought at a later date it cannot be covered under Worker’s Compensation if there is no Injury Report on file.  If you wait to report the injury to HR, we are not timely in our reporting to our Worker’s Comp Insurance carrier.  This can ultimately lead to fines levied against us… which adversely impacts us all.


Please contact the Human Resources department at or call (607)353-7272 ext. 2300 if you have questions regarding Employee Injury Reporting.

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