Safety Suggestion May 2018 - Concussion Awareness

Safety Suggestion May 2018 - Concussion Awareness

Over the last few months, Human Resources has noticed a significant increase in the number of reported Head Injuries.  This can result in complications from strained neck & shoulder muscles, to headaches and concussions.  Not all head injuries result in concussions, and these can only be diagnosed by a doctor, often in consultation with a Neurologist.  Concussions are a very serious matter, and medical treatment should be sought immediately after an incident involving a head injury. 

A concussion is the result of trauma to the head, neck, or upper body, such as the sudden force of impact, that causes the brain to shift within the cranial cavity.  Sudden acceleration or deceleration, such as a car crash, can also cause concussions as the brain moves with the momentum of the vehicle.

So far, in 2018, over 30% of all reported head injuries have resulted in known, diagnosed concussions.  Your safety is Springbrook’s number one priority, and we strongly recommend that you seek medical treatment for all instances involving traumatic injuries to the head. 

Please remember that EVERY injury needs to be reported EVERT TIME, no matter how small.  Completed injury reports should contain specific information regarding the who, what, where, when, why and how for each incident and be reported to HR within 24 hours.  Send all completed forms and medical documentation to

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