Safety Suggestion June 2018 - Dress for Safety Success

Safety Suggestion June 2018 - Dress for Safety Success

Dress Code – Dress for Safety Success

The advent of summer and the warmer weather often results in increased employee injuries that could be prevented or mitigated with appropriate attire. 

Please keep your personal safety in mind when choosing what you wear to work.  While the dress code permits wearing shorts and/or tank tops it may not be a safety conscious choice depending on your work environment.  If, for example, you work in a house with a high occurrence of behaviors that include biting or scratching you may wish to consider wearing clothing that covers more surface area of the skin. 

Proper footwear is also a key component to employee safety.  Injuries to feet and toes are greatly reduced when wearing sneakers/shoes/boots that cover the entire foot.  Slip/Trip/Fall injuries are also greatly reduced by choosing sneakers over sandals.  Proper footwear also reduces stress to ankles, knees, hips, and backs!  While the dress code allows open-toed shoes and strappy sandals, as long as they are not flip-flops, these are not the most safety conscious choice for any work environment. 

Springbrook has a commitment to your safety.  Workplace safety is a partnership and you can help reduce the risk of an incident by making safe choices.

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