Safety Suggestion April 2018 - Slips, Trips, and Falls

In 2017, Slip/Trip/Fall injuries accounted for 10 % of all injuries, about half of these resulted in team members missing time from work.  In total, about 250 days were missed because of injury related to a Slip/Trip/Fall incident.  Most of these injuries were totally avoidable!   The most prevalent factors of these incidences were related to wet surfaces, icy/snowy walkways & parking lots, and falling on stairs/ladders. 

Increased awareness and a Safety First mindset are key to preventing these types of injuries.  If you see something unsafe, like a slippery floor, or an icy egress, address or report the issue immediately. Don’t leave it for the next person to take care of, because the next person may end up with a serious injury! 


Click here to access this helpful .pdf of ways to prevent slips, trips, and falls!

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