Policy Reminder June 2018 - Trip/Community Activities

Policy Reminder June 2018 - Trip/Community Activities

This policy applies to all community activities outside of routine weekly travel for local shopping, to restaurants and movie theaters. Activities should be requested, discussed and agreed upon at weekly staff meetings, with the attached form completed and appropriate approvals obtained in advance.


In rare cases when unplanned travel or activities are necessary, exclusive of the routine weekly travel for local shopping, to restaurants and movie theaters, the Manager on Call (MOC) or Team Leader on Call (TLOC) must be contacted for approval. The MOC or TLOC will complete the trip request/risk assessment form at the time of the request and will consult the Administrator on Call (AOC) for approval.

Use the Springbrook Trip & Community Activities Request Form  for:

  • Day Trips/Community Activities if greater than 20 miles from residence
  • Recurring Trips/Activities: Same activity on a regular basis (i.e. club activities). The request form should only be completed once and the “Recurring Trip” box at the top of page 1 should be checked.)
  • Trips/Community Activities with Special Hazards, including those involving:
  • Swimming or boating, or a location near water
  • Remote locations
  • Hiking, climbing, skiing, snow tubing, paintball
  • Motorized activity and/or amusement rides
  • Animals (farms, zoos, riding animals, etc.)
  • Large crowds of people (fairs, festivals, etc.)
  • Any overnight stay or travel out of the area (over 20 miles)
  • A participant with a background of sexually inappropriate behavior
  • Staff members not on duty, families or friends of staff members, or other individuals not employed by or living at Springbrook

Administrative Approval Process

  1. One week prior to the planned activity staff member completes the Springbrook Trip/Community Activity Approval Form (example attached).
  2. Trips/Community Activities that do not involve Special Hazards are approved by the site supervisor within 48 hours (Residence Manager or Supervisor, Curriculum Coordinator, or IEP Coordinator).
  3. Trips/Community Activities that do include Special Hazards require additional approval by the Team Leader or Assistant Director/MOC or TLOC, as well as the Program Director.

Off hours: All unplanned Trips/Community Activities must be approved by the MOC or TLOC and the AOC.

Trips/Community Activities Guidelines

  • All program participants and staff members must leave and return in the same vehicle during Trips/Community Activities.
  • When program participants are divided into smaller groups for supervision, staff must designate a group leader who will retain a list of the participants and staff included in their group. While at events or in the community, head counts must be performed before leaving or entering any area.
  • If a participant or staff member intends to leave an event by a method other than that previously agreed upon, the group leader and driver must be informed of the change in advance. The alternative arrangements must be documented prior to departure or change in venue.
  • Driver’s Requirements & Responsibilities
  • Staff that have worked more than one (1) 10-hour shift in the 24 hours prior to the Trips/Community Activities may not drive.
  • No Driver may consume or use any substance, regardless of legality or prescription status, if by doing so, the driver’s ability to safely operate a motor vehicle and carry out other work-related duties would be impaired or diminished (see Springbrook Driver/Vehicle Use Policy).
  • The Springbrook Trip/Community Activities Request form is located in the Advance Learning System under the Knowledge Bank and Forms.
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