Policy Reminder January 2019 - Personal Cellphone

Policy Reminder January 2019 - Personal Cellphone

The purpose of this policy is to protect the safety and security of the individuals we serve and avoid unnecessary annoyances or interruptions from an employee’s work responsibilities.

Use of personal cell phones is strictly prohibited in any direct support environment (includes Day Habilitation, Education, Residential, Community Homes, or any other applicable department. Cell phones are to be turned off and locked in designated areas, or left in vehicle. 

When can personal cell phones be used?

*during approved breaks or lunches; or

*during field trips or community activities, if authorized by a supervisor. 

Personal cell phones are prohibited at all other times and should never be used to record images of individuals we serve, period. If the employee has a reason to expect communication from someone externally, they may provide the work locations contact information. 

Employees are prohibited from communicating with families/guardians using their personal cell phones. Employees must use company phones for communication with families/guardians.

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