Springbrook Flu Protocol

Springbrook Flu Protocol

From Kathy Ramiza, Chief Clinical Officer:

Sporadic cases of flu are reported across NY, we continue to follow last year’s recommendation of a five day isolation period to reduce the spread of disease.  After 5 days with no new exposure, individuals can return to their respective program.  Please contact Jessica Weston, Brooke Leech, or Kathy Ramiza when there is a diagnosed case of flu in a staff person or individual, or when known exposure has occurred (such as during a home visit).  We can notify the groups necessary to minimize exposure.

Please minimize community activities during the isolation period - appointments and van rides would be the only house activities recommended.  Staff should wear masks when there is a risk of exposure and when isolation is in place. Training and maintenance activities in the house should be delayed, if possible, until after the isolation period.

 If you have any questions, please contact Kathy here!

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