Network Updates

Network Updates

We are actively engaged in upgrading our network for the entire organization. We do know there are speed issues on the main campus and at some of our community homes. For main campus, we are really at the mercy of NYSEG for their part in this project and as a result, we are about 7 months behind. We are working on getting all our locations at a higher and constant speed. Community homes should be done and the next phase will be upgrading the hardware/infrastructure/equipment. 

As for our other projects related to upgrades, there are no definite dates since they are ongoing. We continue to address the following:

  • Increase of internet speed/bandwidth on Main Campus and direct fiber connection to Oneonta Campus
  • Continued Network Infrastructure Upgrades (wifi and wired connections) on Main Campus and Off-Campus (Community Homes and other office) locations
  • Server upgrades (ie. File server)
  • Continuing cycle of refreshing of machines (laptops, desktops) at all locations

If you are experiencing much slower than usual conditions or have a complete lack of connectivity to a system that is normally available, please submit a helpdesk ticket or send an email to the helpdesk.

Thank you,

Jack Sienkiewicz, Director of Information Technology

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