Leave Management Change

Leave Management Change

We are pleased to announce that starting on April 1, 2018, all FMLA, NYS Short Term Disability, and NYS Paid Family Leave will be managed on behalf of Springbrook by The Guardian Life Insurance Company of America. 

Why Make this Change?

This new process will help ensure that your leave is properly approved and administered to protect your benefits and ensure that associated Short Term Disability and Paid Family Leave claims are filed and paid appropriately. 

What Does Change Mean for You?

  • If you are CURRENTLY ON a leave of absence:
    • You will receive a welcome packet directly from Guardian’s AbsenceWorks team.
    • This includes anyone with active intermittent use of FMLA.
    • If you are NOT on leave:
      • Take a moment to review Springbrook’s leave policies on Advance. We have taken this opportunity to update all of the leave policies to include this information:
        • Short-Term Disability
        • Paid Family Leave
        • Workers Compensation/Employee Injuries
        • Family Medical Leave (FMLA)
  • Also, please review Springbrook’s process for requesting a leave of absence and eligibility requirements. 

Have Questions?

  • Please be sure you have reviewed all of Springbrook’s leave policies on Advance.

If you still have questions, contact Employee Benefits at 607.353.7272 x. 2300.

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