Human Resources Staffing Update

Human Resources Staffing Update

The following staffing changes have taken place within the Human Resources department at Springbrook. Please take note of the following updates:

Katherine Lamb – Recruiter 

Caitlin Liberati – Recruiter 

Caitlin and Katherine will help our programs achieve staffing objectives by recruiting, evaluating candidates, and collaborating with managers so potential employees find positions that best suit their skills and career goals. They can be reached through the general HR phone line at (607-353-7272 x 2300). 

Janel Reardon – HRBP Supporting the School & Administrative Departments

As an HRBP Janel will work with managers to assess and anticipate HR-related needs in the departments that she supports. Our HRBP’s work closely with managers and employees to improve retention, engagement, and performance.   

Mat Harby-Conforti – Training and Development Manager

Mat will be responsible for the compliance, development, and administration of all training programs for Springbrook. Working closely with the training team, Mat will be involved in implementing as well as monitoring performance standards for training programs.

Meredith Muzik – Senior HRBP, Community Services
607-353-7272 x 2307

As Senior HRBP Meredith will continue to support Community Services while also acting as a resource for managers and employees across the agency. Meredith will oversee the growing team of recruiters and HRBP’s and together they will support Springbrook’s continued expansion into new programs and localities.

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