Feb 2018 LifeWorks Update - Financial Well-being

Feb 2018 LifeWorks Update - Financial Well-being

Financial problems can lead to feelings of worry and stress, and affect your work, relationships, and well-being. This month, log in  any time to the LifeWorks platform to access their feature, Financial Well-being, highlighting valuable online resources to help boost financial wellness.

You can start by taking their Financial Health Assessment. It’s confidential, takes only minutes to complete, and provides immediate results and resources to help you take charge of your finances. Also, check out their new Financial Well-Being Toolkit, which includes resources on budgeting and cash flow, getting out of debt, easing worries about money, and saving for the future.

Remember that you can contact LifeWorks 24/7 and schedule time with a consultant to help guide you to a path of financial well-being.

Log-in credentials for lifeworks:
Username: springbrook
Password: wellness

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