DSP Appreciation Week is September 9-15

DSP Appreciation Week is September 9-15

DSP keep Springbrook moving forward every day! To show appreciation, Springbrook will hold our own events, but we encourage departments to participate in NY Alliance's recognition campaign as well.

From now until September 14th, submit thank you letters and/or videos to DSPs from the people they support including family members, as well as fellow staff members and other stakeholders in the field. 

The letters can be typed out digitally or handwritten (photographed or scanned). Another great option is to submit a video of DSPs receiving and reading the thank you letters! The NY Alliance in partnership with the bFair2DirectCare Coalition will highlight the letters and videos throughout the month of September on social media. Please include a high-quality photograph with every submission, unless you choose to submit a video clip. Additionally, with your submission please include the completed photo release that is linked here.

All submissions can be emailed to Jennifer Ivery at The NY Alliance at  jivery@nyalliance.org by end of the day on Friday, September 14.

If you need assistance with this project, or access to a Springbrook approved device in order to participate, please contact your supervisor. Supervisors can send vetted requests for more complex submissions to huberj@springbrookny.org for further assistance.

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