August 2018 MyIgnite Health - Walking Challenge

August 2018 MyIgnite Health - Walking Challenge

Want to feel better, have more energy and perhaps live longer? Look no further than good old-fashioned exercise. Learn what exercise can do for YOU! Learn about the incredible health benefits of walking (i.e. mood booster, increased energy, etc.) and exercise tips to assist you along the way!

  • Take a walk in the morning and a walk when you get home to break up your day. Try walking during your lunch or break times
  • Challenge goal is 750 minutes; that’s only 30 minutes per day! Earn your minutes by walking, running, biking, weight lifting, or any type of exercise
  • Track your minutes easily on your MyIgnitehealth portal. 

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Also complete this month’s Class - That Lovin’ Feeling: Maintaining Relationships That Matter. Completion of this Class earns you 5 points!

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