August 2018 Lifeworks Update - Addiction and Recovery

August 2018 Lifeworks Update - Addiction and Recovery

Millions of people nationwide are struggling with a drug or alcohol abuse problem. You may have a co-worker, friend, child, partner, or other loved one with a substance abuse problem. Opioids alone claim more lives than motor vehicle crashes, according to recent government statistics.  

For help and support for yourself or a loved one, see the Addiction and Recovery feature (live on the platform’s homepage in “Featured Articles” from August 1 to 31). You’ll find the new Addiction and Recovery Toolkit and other helpful resources for individuals and families affected by substance abuse. Or, access the following resources online any time:

Remember that confidential support is available at LifeWorks. Contact a caring advisor today for guidance, support, or if you just need to talk. They are there for you, 24/7.

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