2019 Executive Presentation

2019 Executive Presentation

The Executive Presentations have been scheduled for January 22nd, 24th, and 25th. Attending one of the scheduled presentations, as in the past, is required for all full time staff (part-time staff are highly encouraged to attend). Attending one the scheduled Executive Presentations is your opportunity to share your insight about your program as well as to ask questions directly of Springbrook's executive team. Please log in to Springbrook's online learning platform, Advance, to register for a session. 

When you log in to Advance, simply select the 2019 Executive Presentation event in your transcript and select a session to attend. Once you have navigated to the Executive Presentation event you will see all available sessions (there are multiple times available on each date).

**Please note if you select the Friday the 25th, 2:00pm SIDNEY session, you will need to PARK IN THE MUNICIPAL PARKING LOT PAST THE LAUNDROMAT ON BRIDGE STREET not in the Library parking lot. 

For help with the Advance system, email: advance@springbrookny.org. For other questions regarding the Executive Presentations please contact your immediate supervisor.

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