Springbrook Employee News

Springbrook Employee News

December 2018 FSA Reminders

The end of the benefit year is here; click to see some important updates about FSA spending!

December 2018 Lifeworks Update - Thriving in an Inclusive Workplace

Click to see tips and resources on how you can help support a work environment where everyone feels included and encouraged to contribute!

Policy Reminder December 2018 - Illness/Sick Policy

Click to read Springbrook's Illness/Sick Day Policy

Policy Reminder December 2018 - Sexual Harassment Policy

Click to learn more about Springbrook's Sexual Harassment Policy!

Safety Suggestion December 2018 - Cold Weather Hazzards

It's getting cold out; click to see how you can protect yourself against the elements!

HELP Committee Update

Please see an update from the HELP Committee for this December

Springbrook Flu Protocol

Click to learn about Flu Protocols during the height of the season!

Policy Reminder November 2018 - Fire Plan/Policy

The November 2018 Policy Reminder is all about having a Fire Plan and related policies. Click to learn more.

Safety Suggestion November 2018 - Workplace Violence

The Safety Suggestion for November 2018 is recognizing warnings for workplace violence and what you should do if you feel like you have been a victim.

November 2018 Lifeworks Update - Caregiving

November is National Family Caregivers Month - click to learn more about resources available through Lifeworks!

November 2018 Payroll Updates

Click to read four important updates from the payroll department!

Safety Suggestion October 2018 - Good Housekeeping as a Safety Practice

The October 2018 Safety Suggestion bridges the gap between cleanliness and creating a safe environment. Click to read more!
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