Quality Assurance

The Quality Assurance Department focuses on the satisfaction of supported individuals, measuring, monitoring, and working to improve the quality of care provided.  Issues examined include: individual satisfaction, individual rights, individual choices, standardization, outcome management, benchmarking, and regulatory issues.

The department is responsible for investigating reported incidents, corporate compliance, staff training, HIPAA, and monitoring regulatory survey trends.

Corporate Compliance

It has been and continues to be the policy of Springbrook to comply with all applicable federal, state, and local laws and regulations, and payer requirements. We have always been and remain committed to our responsibility to conduct our business affairs with integrity based on sound ethical and moral standards. We will hold our employees, contracted practitioners, and vendors to these same standards.

Springbrook is committed to maintaining and measuring the effectiveness of our Compliance Policies and standards through monitoring and auditing systems reasonably designed to detect noncompliance by its employees and agents.

All employees, contracted practitioners, and vendors shall acknowledge that it is their responsibility to report any instances of suspected or known noncompliance to their immediate supervisor, the Executive Director or the Compliance Officer.

Reports may be made anonymously without fear of retaliation or retribution. To report a corporate compliance concern, click here.

For more information contact Springbrook's Director of Quality Assurance, 
Rob Vogel
, at (607) 353-7272 Ext. 2101.

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