The Upstate Home Foundation

Named to honor Springbrook's heritage (our organization was founded in 1925 as an orphanage), the Upstate Home for Children Foundation [UHCF] is Springbrook’s fundraising branch. UHCF staff and volunteers raise funds in support of Springbrook's mission to serve people with special needs while staying true to the organization's heritage, providing family-centered programs, and continually working to meet the ever-changing needs of people with developmental disabilities.

As a nonprofit 501(c)(3), state-licensed organization Springbrook operates on a mix of revenue sources, including federal and state funding as well as charitable contributions from foundations, corporations, religious institutions, and individuals like you. We  are absolutely committed to fiscal responsibility and strive  to provide programs in a fiscally responsible manner, using funds raised by UHCF to develop initiatives that not only address the critical needs of the individuals and families supported, but that  move beyond those everyday needs.

While state and federal funding provide the means to operate Springbrook on a day-to-day basis, charitable contributions raised by UHCF ensure that Springbrook can continually work to improve quality of life and quality of care. Our donors ensure that learning never ends, that challenges become opportunities, and that dependence is transformed into independence.

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Download Springbrook’s most recent 990 Form for more details regarding Springbrook’s annual budget and charitable contributions.

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